These are the vitamins needed to stimulate hair growth

Here are the main vitamins for normal hair development:

1.- Biotin It is recognized for its encouragement to develop hair and make it grow faster. It is one of the best vitamins to recompose the ends of the hair and also when it becomes brittle, helping to improve the texture and quality of it.

It contributes to the increase of the thickness and the amount of hair. Its action with respect to hair cells makes it a great ally.

Due to its benefits, the consumption of biotin influences the following:

• Increase in the rate of development of your hair
• Gain thicker and thicker hair to a large extent
• Smoothed hair

2.- Vitamin A. It also plays an important role in hair growth. It keeps your hair black and shiny. Vitamin A contains antioxidants that hydrate the scalp and prevent hair from drying out. Vitamin A helps strengthen and thicken hair.

3.- Vitamin E. It is essential for hair growth because it eliminates the problems of dry and rough hair. Blocks moisture and protects your hair from drying, and keeps it shiny. Apart from this, it also keeps the scalp healthy and promotes blood circulation.

4.- Vitamin B12. This is another vitamin of the B complex. And it can be a great help to prevent hair loss. This helps so that the iron can be absorbed more effectively in the body, without which you could lose hair if you suffer from deficiency.

5.- Folic acid. This is another miraculous component of the vitamin B group, or "vitamins for hair." This vitamin plays an important role in making your hair thicker and brighter, while increasing the humidity. It also helps in the fight against hair graying.

6.- Vitamin C. Contributes to hair growth, has the ability to cure premature graying and dryness of hair efficiently. The daily intake of vitamin C through food or supplements is necessary to maintain the health of your hair.

7.- Iron. Researchers have found that conditions such as alopecia, severe hair loss and breakage are caused due to iron deficiency. An adequate amount of iron every day regulates blood circulation and increases the level of hemoglobin in the body. Not only that, it will undoubtedly help with the re-growth of hair.