Psyllium Husk Whole or powder

Psyllium is primarily produced in India and it’s a common name from several members of the plant genus Plantago family. Native to Asia and Europe, Psyllium husk is an insoluble fiber used to increase gastrointestinal transit time. Psyllium is known as a laxative, but unlike herbal laxatives, Psyllium swells in the intestinal tract pulling along sludge and waste mater as it travels from small intestines to large intestines and exiting. Fiber is important in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract; take your Psyllium husk daily for good health and regularity.

Spectral RS - New Hair Regrowth formula from Divine Skin (DS Labs)

Q: How is Spectral.RS® used?

A: Spectral.RS® is a clear, orange-colored solution to be used for external applications only. Apply 14 or more sprays of Spectral.RS® two or more times per day to the scalp and rub in.

Q: How can this formula be effective without the use of Minoxidil?

A: Spectral RS® works by addressing multiple causes that lead to thinning hair and hair loss such as perifollicular fibrosis and internal factors such as stress, hormonal disturbances, lack of vitamins and mineral salts, and the use of certain medications. In addition, the compounds in Spectral.RS® specifically work to improve the nutrition, circulation, and the metabolism of the follicle. Click here to learn more about perifollicular fibrosis.

Q: Can I use hair sprays, mousses, gels, etc.?

A: Hair spray, gel, and other styling aids are not recommended since they tend to clog the hair shaft. However if you insist on using styling aids then you should apply Spectral.RS® first and wait for it to dry completely before applying styling aids.

Q: Is Spectral.RS® safe?

A: Spectral.RS® is exceptionally safe because it does not contain any drug compounds. The ingredients in Spectral.RS® are derived from natural sources and are extracted using a mechanical cold-press process to retail the maximum purity and bioavailability of each compound. The use of nanosome microspheres also simultaneously makes Spectral.RS® safer and more effective due to gradual absorption.

Q: Can I have my hair colored or permed while using Spectral.RS®?

A: While there is no evidence that coloring or perming hair or use of hair relaxers can affect hair loss, it is generally not recommended for people with hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss then perming and coloring hair is not recommended. However, if you insist on using these treatments then they will not interfere with Spectral.RS®.

Q: What is DHT?

A: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is believed to be the cause of male pattern baldness. DHT is formed from testosterone when testosterone comes into contact with oil glands in the hair follicles. DHT gets in to the hair follicles and shrinks them. At the same time, it makes the protective membrane of the scalp thicken, restricting blood flow to the capillaries. This gradually causes hair loss.

Q: Is it true that the herb saw palmetto is effective in blocking DHT and has no side effects?

A: Although no formal studies have been done on pattern hair loss, Saw Palmetto has been shown to have a broad range of anti-hormonal activity and may be useful in hair loss. Saw Palmetto has been used by many people in the treatment of prostate problems and has not shown any side effects. It could be helpful to add saw palmetto to your diet.

Q: Can Spectral.RS® be used by women?

A: Spectral.RS® is a high-performance hair loss treatment for both men and women.

Q: Can I blow dry my hair after using Spectral.RS®?

A: You should apply Spectral.RS® after blow drying. Blow drying can cause some of the solution to evaporate and is not recommended.

Q: What type of results should I expect?

A: You should be able to take control of your hair loss in about 2 weeks and start seeing thicker, fuller hair, with less scalp visibility within 2 – 3 months of use. It can take up to 6 months of use to see re-growth if you have an advanced stage of hair loss.

Q: What side effects are there to using Spectral.RS®?

A: No adverse reactions have been reported from the use of Spectral.RS®. Some people may feel a strong tingling sensation or a mild burning due to the use of capsicum in the formula.

Q: How effective is Spectral.RS®?

A: You can expect dramatic results from your Spectral.RS® treatment. Majority of users see an increase in the diameter of the hair strands and a higher density of hair. Spectral.RS® was also significantly more effective then a placebo in double-blind clinical studies.

Q: Who is the ideal Spectral.RS® candidate?

A: The ideal Spectral.RS® candidate is someone with little hair loss or at the beginning stages of hair loss. It is much easier to prevent hair loss then to grow new hair.

Q: What can I REASONABLY expect from Spectral.RS®?

A: When deciding to use Spectral.RS®, it is important to have realistic expectations. Hair grows at a rate of approximately 1 cm per month and you will not see immediate hair growth. However, many people will see visible results after just 1 month of treatment.

Q: When should I expect to see the results from Spectral.RS®?

A: The response to treatment is different for every individual. However, you can expect to completely inhibit hair loss within just 2 -3 weeks of use and start seeing new hairs after approximately 2 months of use. You will at first see "fuzz" hairs that are light in color, these hairs will eventually become normal hair. Full hairs may be seen to grow as early as 4 months into treatment, although the full effect is usually achieved between 8 and 12 months. After that point, as long as Spectral.RS® is used properly the hair can usually be maintained indefinitely.

Q: Can I use Spectral.RS® once a day instead of twice?

A: For Spectral.RS® to be used effectively, it must be used twice per day, preferably morning and before bedtime.

Q: What is the DS Laboratories nanosome technology?

A: DS Laboratories nanosome technology encapsulates the active ingredients in microcapsules that are hundreds of times smaller then human cells. The outer layer of the microcapsules is formed from a material similar to the skin. These microcapsules reach much deeper into the epidermis tissue then standard carrier agents and therefore boost the effectiveness of all active ingredients. This is state-of-the-art technology that delivers remarkable results.

Q: How long can I stop using Spectral.RS® without losing hair?

A: Since thinning hair is generally not a recurring continuous problem, once you restore normal hair growth, it is possible to completely interrupt the treatment and maintain normally strong and healthy hair. Spectral.RS® can also be used continuously to maintain maximum scalp and hair health.

Q: Can I use Spectral.RS® along with Minoxidil?

A: Spectral.RS® can be combined with a traditional minoxidil treatment to boost effectiveness. However, the use of nanosomes in Spectral.RS® will increase the absorption of minoxidil and increase your chance of side effects from the minoxidil treatment. Please consult your doctor before combining Spectral.RS® with minoxidil.

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