Nopal Prickly Pear Extract for Endurance and Stamina!

For stamina and physical endurance, stock up on Source Naturals Nopal Endurance: a patented standardized extract from the prickly pear or nopal cactus, which helps support endurance and stamina by priming the body for athletic activity and physical stress.

Nopal Endurance is a great supplement for athletes—for anyone who just likes to keep fit with regular exercise. Our bodies need support to maintain performance and to stay injury-free.

Nopal Endurance contains the standardized Nopal extract Tex-OE. Tex-OE may support the accelerated formation of heat shock proteins (HSPs)—stress recovery proteins that are naturally synthesized by the body. Nopal Endurance supports several of our bodies’ key metabolic systems—the immune system, through quick action; cellular irritation, by targeting cellular rehabilitation; and sugar metabolism and mitochondrial energy, through support of glucose metabolism.

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