Organic Evening Primrose Oil for skin health


Most consumers don’t want that many types of oils tend to accumulate pesticide residues, especially from toxic, fat-soluble pesticides. The introduction of a new organic source of Evening Primrose Oil has brought a new level of consumer confidence and safety. Barlean’s now offeres Organic Evening Primrose Oil to its customers.

Evening Primrose Oil & Skin Health

In a small study from the Department of Dermatology, College of Medicine, University, Republic of Korea, evening primrose oil was given to 14 dermatitis patients whose condition was characterized by itchy, dry, scaly skin. “After the treatment, the extent of the skin lesions and the pruritus were markedly reduced in all patients,” note researchers. They assert that evening primrose oil is “highly effective” in the treatment of a non-inflammatory dermatitis.

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