Blood Sugar Control and Green Coffee Extract

Svetol® is an extract of green coffee obtained by the use of a traditional patented extraction process from the beans of the species Coffea canephora robusta Pierre. This species is naturally rich in the constituent known as chlorogenic acid. Svetol® green coffee extract contains less than 2% caffeine. The extract is standardized to contain between 45-50% chlorogenic acids. Research suggests that chlorogenic acids present in coffee may have the ability to regulate blood sugar concentrations after meals by acting in two distinct ways. Svetol ® may act on the intestinal absorption of glucose and also enhance the body’s glucose tolerance.

Best Sugar Balance featuring Svetol® may also have additional health benefits. Chlorogenic acid is a potent antioxidant, while exciting preliminary trials suggest that Svetol® can also positively benefit weight maintenance in conjunction with diet and exercise. According to Halvorsrude, “Several studies suggest that coffee extracts rich in chlorogenic acids can have a favorable effect on the metabolism of sugar. Svetol® green coffee extract is one of the richest sources of this beneficial polyphenol that has potent free radical scavenging activity. What is more exciting is that it also provides a truly natural and safe way to maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used as a part of the diet.”

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