Phytoestrogen for hormon balancing

Mexican wild yam root, Dong Quai, and Black Cohosh is considered a phytoestrogen (progesterone) with none of the side effects of synthetic hormones. Its use in cream form is emerging as a viable treatment for osteoporosis, menstrual disorders and menopause. Taking phytoestrogen herbs can help with Hormonal imbalance, PMS, menstrual disorders, infertility, moods swings, fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, menopause, osteoporosis, cancer (hormonally related), fibromyalgia and prostate disease.

Dr. John Lee's studies impressively delineate the ability of transdermal wild yam to effectively raise progesterone and balance estrogen, which may help to prevent and treat certain cancers and a myriad of hormonally related symptoms.
Other herbs in the Phytoestrogen category:

Dong quai, black cohosh, damiana, saw palmetto, sarsaparilla, grape seed and pine bark proanthocyanidins.

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